What equipment is used for weathering testing?

What equipment is used for weathering testing?  Getting the best equipment for your lab.

What equipment is used for weathering testing? Weathering testing is an extremely important process that a variety of different materials and products need to be put through. In order to understand what equipment is used to conduct these experiments you will first need to understand what weathering testing is.


What is weathering testing? Weathering testing is the process by which materials and products are exposed to the various weather elements. These experiments are conducted to discover how well they hold up to these different elements. These studies will show you how durable they are and what types of weather elements will affect them the most. This is important to discover in order to find out whether or not you can in fact release your product or material onto the market. These types of experiments have been used on the parts made for cars for a number of years. The parts used to construct cars are not only made up of metal, but also plastic as well as having a number of different coatings added to the exoskeleton. As cars are more often than not exposed to the elements it is important to determine how well they will be able to cope in any given circumstance, especially as it is essential to improve their road worthiness.

Now that you understand what weathering testing is, it is possible to discuss all of the different types of equipment that are used in order to conduct these experiments:


    • Accelerated weathering testing machine: this machine uses wavelengths to simulate moisture and ultraviolet cycles. These will in turn expose the product to the effects that can be found when exposed to sunlight, dew and rain. This process can take a week or months, depending on how long you choose to expose the product to the elements. It will use alternating cycles of UV light and the moisture at controlled elevated temperatures to provide the most accurate results.


    • Q-SUN Xenon Test Chamber: this machine will provide a more intense experiment on the material. It has been designed so as to reproduce the damage that can be caused when exposed to full-spectrum sunlight and rain. It will accelerate this exposure as it is able to subject test specimens to the equivalent of noon sunlight for 24 hours a day. In normal circumstances this would not be possible, which is why it is important to conduct these tests and find out what damage can occur over time.


    • Q-FOG Cyclic Corrosion Tester: natural atmospheric corrosion can occur to a number of different materials. Corrosion normally results in rusting and can cause the object to deteriorate faster than usual. This machine will expose the material to a number of different environments in a repetitive cycle that mimics the outdoors. 


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