Service And Support

As a full service and support provider, we offer service and support throughout South Africa, and will inspect and repair all instrumentation represented by ourselves.  We offer exceptional personalized support and a partnership that puts you first – before, during and after the purchasing process. Despite the age or condition of your equipment, we make every effort to ensure that your equipment is repaired and operational, according to the original performance specifications. This is done by personal that are factory trained by our international manufacturers.

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Preventative Maintenance

Avatar Solutions offers standard, as well as fully customizable Preventative Maintenance Packages, that help to ensure your instruments are maintained and fully compliant at all times, not only so that they fully live up to your expectations, but to also prevent unexpected down time.




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All supplied equipment comes complete with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The standard terms of the one-year manufacturer’s warranty includes all parts, labour and travel costs. Avatar Solutions does in some instances also offer Extended Warranty Packages that provide you with additional security and reassurance that any operational matters which may arise after the first year of installation, are fully-covered and insured against. Extended Warranty may be initiated at the time of purchase or prior to expiration of the initial warranty period for a number of products.



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Training & Workshops

Avatar Solution’s believes knowledge is power and is always prepared to offer additional training sessions with customers to ensure the end-user always understands not only the operation of equipment, but the science behind why they are testing. We know that proper use of our equipment means less down time for you.

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SANAS Calibration

Through our strategic partnership, we are able to complete the support cycle by offering SANAS accredited calibrations for all equipment sold with temperature, humidity, force, speed, displacement and strain measuring principals. This ensures the equipment supplied remain fully compliant to recognised specifications and/or standards.