The Q-Lab Q-FOG CRH Cyclic Corrosion Tester

 The NEW Q-Lab Q-FOG CRH Cyclic Corrosion Tester Q-Lab aim to provide you with the market-leading equipment for cyclic corrosion testing. Cyclic corrosion testing provides the best possible laboratory simulation of natural atmospheric corrosion, thus making it possible for you to ensure the most accurate results possible. In fact, it has been proven over time that cyclic corrosion testing results are similar to outdoor environments with regard to morphology, structure and relative corrosion rates. However, in order to guarantee this type of authentic result, you need to be sure that you have purchased high quality corrosion testing equipment…


Introducing the Q-FOG CRH cyclic corrosion tester engineered by Q-Lab. The chambers of this unique tester have the ability to perform traditional salt spray, Prohesion, and most cyclic automotive tests, thus providing you with a broader scope of options. This is a product that features fully-adjustable relative humidity and precise control over ramp times. There is even a shower function that you can make use of if need be! In order to ensure that all of our clients’ needs are catered for, the Q-FOG CRH chambers come to you in two different sizes. These sizes will fulfill a wide range of testing requirements.


Something that sets this product apart from the rest is the precise control of fog dispersion that it offers you.

The Q-FOG CRH cyclic corrosion chamber is a lot more advanced in this regard when compared to conventional systems that are still for sale on the market today. Many other products for sale do not have the ability to vary volume and distance independently, therefore, ensuring that there are limitations to the types of tests that can be performed.  With the Q-FOG CRH, however, a variable speed peristaltic pump controls the amount of corrosive solution delivered to the fog atomizer, while the air pressure regulator is in charge of the distance of the “throw.”  Note that purified water is required for proper operation of Q-FOG corrosion testers.


Other features that this outstanding product offers include:


  • Faster cycling
  • Calibration
  • An internal solution reservoir
  • Modern RH and shower functions
  • Sample mounting
  • Easy programming capabilities