Zwick/Roell Materials Testing Machines

Zwick / Roell LogoZwick/Roell is the world’s leading supplier of materials test machines. Our machines are used for R&D and quality assurance in more than twenty industries. As well as standard tensile tests, compression and flexure tests, Zwick materials test machines can be used for multiaxial tests such as biaxial tensile tests and torsion tests.

Zwick/Roell is also the leading supplier of fatigue testing machines, hardness testing equipment, pendulum impact testers and melt index testers. We also supply automated testing systems for a wide range of applications. Which test application can we assist you with?

Static Materials Testing Machines

Zwick/Roell’s static materials testing machines have been specially designed for tensile, compression and flexure tests, as well as shear and torsion tests, making them ideal for the most rigorous materials and component testing requirements.

Zwick Static Materials Testing Machines

Multiaxial Materials Testing Machines

To test the properties of a sample piece of material, such as its strength and durability or the point at which it tears, Multiaxial Material Testing Machines can be used. These machines will calibrate the properties of the material depending on what type it may be.

Static Materials Testing Machines

Testing machines for determination of durability

Zwick/Roell can supply a variety of testing machines for determining the durability of components or complete products. These range from single testing-actuators to servo-hydraulic testing machines for multi-axial fatigue tests, with an available force-range from 5 to 2500 kN. Zwick/Roell also supplies Vibrophores for determination of fatigue strength. Fatigue strength can be determined for the tensile and compression limits of the component as well as for the torsion limit.

Testing machines for determination of durability

Robotic testing systems

Robotic testing systems ensure compliance with exacting demands regarding the performance of the test and the standard of operation. Recent years have seen a continuous increase in the number of tests required, while the demand for further reductions in specimen throughput times is as strong as ever.

Zwick/Roell’s fully-automated solutions help to satisfy these requirements. Zwick/Roell has developed a modular system for robotic testing systems which allows the required tests to be carried out efficiently and reproducibly. Customized solutions can also be provided using standardized components. Over 500 Zwick/Roell robotic testing systems have now been in use around the world for many years, with an expert team to ensure high availability.

Robotic testing systems

Products for impact testing

Impact Testing Products are used to measure the durability of a product and its impact resistance. This is an important component if the design of any product as being able to gauge the service life of a product can aid in improving the product. This is important for avoiding problems in safety which would make the producer liable.

Products for Impact Testing

Products for melt index and HDT/Vicat determination

Products for melt index and HDT/Vicat determination are used in the thermo-mechanic measure of any materials heat deflection temperature (HDT) and the point at which the material reaches melt index temperature.

Products for melt index and HDT/Vicat determination

Hardness Testing

The Zwick/Roell Group are also specialists in hardness testing. We have suitable systems for all test methods.

The Zwick/Roell product range includes a full range of hardness testing equipment for use on metals, plastics, rubber and special materials to all the principal and established standards employed worldwide. Zwick/Roell supplies solutions for hardness testing – from manual standard applications to fully automatic testing systems.

Hardness Testing Machines and Instruments

Test Blocks for Hardness Testing

Hardness Reference Test Blocks are used to indirectly verify a hardness tester. Indirect verification should be performed every 12 months as a minimum in accordance with the appropriate standard.

We supply a comprehensive range of hardness test blocks for:

  • Rockwell
  • Superficial Rockwell
  • Vickers
  • Micro Hardness
  • Brinell
  • Knoop

Multi-scale test blocks are also available on request; a cost effective alternative to purchasing multiple blocks!

Test Blocks are supplied with a UKAS accredited calibration certificate.

Hardness Test Blocks

RetroLine modernisation packages for all makes of materials testing machines

During more than twenty years Zwick/Roell has transformed several thousand materials testing machines from over forty different manufacturers into state-of-the-art equipment in respect of measurement and control electronics, drive technology, testing software and more. The measurement and control electronics, drive technology and testing software used in the modernization process have been proven and standardized in new machines. For reliable, expert modernization of your testing machine – talk to Zwick/Roell.

RetroLine modernisation packages for all makes of materials testing machines

Pre-owned … with Zwick/Roell quality

Pre-owned machines and instruments from Zwick/Roell mean:

  • full compatibility with new machines with regard to operation, range of application, service reliability and future-proofness, warranty and more
  • older machines are thoroughly overhauled and, where necessary, modernized to bring them up to state of the art
  • compliance with relevant safety standards and guidelines.
Pre-owned ... with Zwick/Roell quality