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LAUDA is the global leader in the manufacture of innovative constant temperature equipment and systems for science, application technology and production, as well as for high- quality measuring devices. With almost 60 years of experience and a unique product portfolio ranging from compact laboratory thermostats to industrial circulation chillers to customized heating and cooling systems with more than 400 kilowatts of cooling power, LAUDA is the only company that can guarantee optimized temperature throughout the entire value-added chain for its 10,000 plus customers worldwide.


Quality products from LAUDA keep temperatures constant to an impressive 5 thousandth °C or make targeted changes in an area spanning -150 to 400 °C. Through active cooling or warming, production processes are accelerated or, indeed, made possible in the first place. In such cases, LAUDA, for example, replaces the uneconomical mains-water cooling with environmentally friendly and cost-efficient devices or, alternatively, uses existing forms of primary energy such as thermal discharge. LAUDA measuring instruments determine the surface tension, tension limit and viscosity of liquids precisely.

Lauda Heating & Cooling Thermostats

Heating & Cooling Thermostats

Heating and cooling thermostats for cost-effective thermo-stating in the laboratory at temperatures from -25 up to 100 °C

LAUDA Heating and Cooling systems like our laboratory thermostats generate constant temperatures, but fundamentally higher heating, cooling and pumping outputs. In the demanding world of the pilot and production plant, industrial plant is used in all those situations where thermo-stating with a fluid heat carrier is preferable to direct electrical heating systems – in particular, in those areas where heat needs not only to be fed into the system but also removed.


Industrial heating and cooling systems differ from laboratory thermostats in that they are first individually manufactured according to specific regulations that are to be observed in pilot and production plants (explosive areas). The areas of application are to be predominantly found in chemical and pharmaceutical process engineering as well as in the environmental technology sector.

Lauda Kryomats


Extra powerful cooling thermostats for bath applications from -90 up to 200 °C

The new Proline Kryomats are floor-standing, low temperature thermostats suitable for a wide variety of applications. They never fail to impress through their compact design and high cooling capacities, especially at low temperatures. All Proline Kryomats are fitted with the Command remote control for easy and user-friendly operation

The units are equipped with a pressure pump optimized for internal Extra powerful cooling thermostats for bath applications from -90 up to 200 °C LAUDA Proline Kryomats circulation adjustable from performance level five to eight. To prevent moisture in the atmosphere from condensing at low temperatures, bath bridge and bath edge heating are integrated into the design. Proline Kryomats stand out for having the latest technologies and an excellent price-performance ratio.

Lauda Process Thermostats

Process Thermostats

Process thermostats for professional external thermo-stating across a wide temperature range from -30 up to 150 °C

Integral T process thermostats are particularly suited for external temperature control of reactors, mini plants and calorimeters. They provide broad temperature ranges and rapid temperature changes. The temperature of external applications can be controlled precisely with defined heating and cooling speeds. With the Integral T, internal circulation allows temperature control independently of external current resistances.



An Image Of Our Circulation ChillersCirculation Chillers

The LAUDA Variocool circulation chillers offer a broad performance spectrum for demanding temperature control tasks. The colour TFT screen makes operation easy. A USB interface and an alarm contact are integrated as standard features. Additional interfaces are available as accessories. They are located in the front of the device, which means they are easy to access.


The circulation chillers with their multitude of options are very well suited to a number of different areas of application. Optional pumps, for example, enable higher supply pressure. Optional heating units, which are adapted to the cooling capacity, enable the quick heating of the connected application when needed.



Calibration Thermostats

Calibration and adjustment with LAUDA calibration thermostats at temperatures from -40 up to 300 °C

LAUDA Calibration thermostats are the first choice when it comes to temperature stability, greatest reliability, and homogeneity during calibration and adjustment. The high performance complete solutions for individual requirements are available in the Ecoline Staredition, Proline, and Ultra models. They differ in terms of size, bath-opening, and useable depth. Thermostats, in particular, are superior to heating cabinets and metal block thermostats as the heat transfer into the heat transfer liquid is 40 to 60 times better than through the air.

Lauda Ultra High Temperature Thermostats

Ultra High Temperature Thermostats

High-temperature thermostats for special use, for example in process engineering at temperatures from 20 up to 400 °C

LAUDA Ultra USH high-temperature thermostats are compact heaters that require little space. If desired, they are also available with water counter-cooling. This allows rapid cooling processes across the entire temperature range. The two-chamber structure with a cold oil blanket extends the life of the heat transfer liquid and reduces the operating costs

Lauda Measuring Instrumentation

Measuring Instrumentation

Tensiometer for measuring surface and interfacial tension

The LAUDA TD tensiometers perform measurements with the Du Noüy ring and Wilhelmy plate according to international standards. Thanks to the powerful load cell with significantly advanced measuring range, it is also possible to determine the densities according to the Archimedes’ principle as well as to measure small weights. The measuring table with sample plate can be moved smoothly without any jerking motions in order to, for example, place the Wilhelmy plate on the sample surface or find the maximum force during ring measurement.


The tensiometers come in a new design and are equipped with some unique technical features. As such, the world‘s smallest thermostat, the LAUDA PTT Peltier thermostating unit can be easily incorporated into the device. Surface and interfacial tensions can be easily measured, precisely and repeatably calculated, displayed, printed, saved and transferred to the computer with a single keystroke.