Why you need material test equipment

Why you need material test equipment, well, you need it if you are conducting flexure tests or tensile tests on certain materials. Before any type of project is undertaken, the material that is used in construction needs to be tested in order to get a sense of its specs and limitations. Material test equipment is also used to conduct torsion and shear testing. Most materials that are tested in this kind of equipment are static materials. They are ideal for component testing.

There are also different types of material testing machines as well. There are multiaxial material testing machines, there are machines that test the durability of a piece of material when the properties of it are unknown and there are also robotic testing systems – machines that test impacts and material hardness.

How the different types of material test equipment are used

There are different uses for each piece of material test equipment. The machines are mostly used when the properties of a certain material need to be ascertained.

    • Static materials testing machines: These machines conduct the tensile, flexure, torsion and shear tests on materials that are static. One of the materials that they test is metal, as it is a very static substance. Metals are also used a lot in component manufacture, which these machines are also good at testing.
    • Multiaxial testing machines: These machines are used to test the properties of any given piece of material if these properties are not yet known. The machine will conduct various tests such as such as the tearing test, a test that discovers at what point a piece of material can tear. The machine also assesses and calibrates the unique properties of the material.
    • Durability testing machines: These machines are, of course, used to determine how hard wearing something is. These machines test materials, components and also ready-made products. The machines exert different amounts of force on the material present within and, by doing so, ascertain the breaking point of the machine. 

There are a lot of other types of material testing machines that exist and serve to do similar things in the way of making sure that material gets tested correctly.

You need machines like this so as to make sure that materials have been certified. If you are selling goods made from certain materials to the public, they need to be accompanied with restrictions and indications, so that people can use them properly. This is especially prevalent when it comes to car components. Cars need to be assembled so as to be able to withstand a certain amount of force, and their parts need to be tested by material impact machines in order to determine just how much they actually can withstand. This is also the case with a lot of other components that are built into structures that we use on a day to day basis.

As a manufacturer, you need to make sure that all of your materials have gone through impact testing before you manufacture your products with them.

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